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Do you think it's weird to like the smell if my self after I masterbate?

If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that “weird” doesn’t exist. There’s so much variation in human behavior that it’s impossible to consider anything standard. Don’t second guess yourself and enjoy sex, freedom, & exploration. <3

Hi ok this is embarrassing a little bit but I'm giving my best friend a blowjob and ha well funny story it's my first time giving a blowjob and I just wanted to know what I should do with my hands while I'm like sucking him off??? and what are any tips you have to giving a good blow job (suck the tip, longer licks, etc???) gosh sorry could you please respond to this privately thank you so so much

Use your hands! All good blowjobs incorporate the use of jerking off the cock while you suck it. Don’t worry about getting it all the way in & alternate between doing things that feel physically good to your man (you’ll need to discover what things he likes best on your own, every guy is slightly different) and doing things that look hot, but don’t feel overwhelmingly spectacular. This allows you to fully turn on your sex partner— both psychologically and physically— as well as giving you the power to make it last however long you wish. Have fun!